Hybrid Pure Sine Waves Inverter-3KVA

Pure Sine Wave are the best type of inverters because they generate pure NEPA lights.No humming sound from fans or other electronic gadgets hence it is more expensive than other types of inverters. This particular model can power your home TV,fans and lighting.

  • Pure Sine Wave output
  • Capacity: 3KVA
  • DC input voltage: 24V
  • Battery Quantity 12V 200Ah to 220Ah: 2
  • Low Battery Warning: 22V±0.2V
  • Low Battery Cut: 21.6V±0.2V
  • LCD Display covering: Startup Info, LCD Status Display & Fault / Protection Status Display
  • Audible beep for Overload, Short Circuit, Backfeed, Low Battery, Over Tempature, Mains Fuse blown
  • Multiple Built-in Protection: Overload in backup mode; Short Circut in Backup Mode; Short Circut in Mains Mode; Over temperature; Reverse Battery

155,000.00 165,000.00