Epson POS Thermal Printer – 80mm

With speed, quality and value, the Epson T88111 Thermal Receipt Printer is clearly first in it’s class. It easily withstands the rigors of tough environments, printing receipts, coupons, logos or bar codes . Look no further for Thermal Printing on 80mm wide paper, the Epson TM-TM88111 Printer is all you need to achieve your business.The Epson TM-T88III thermal printer is widely used in the high-volume retail and hospitality environments that require fast and quiet receipt printing with few consumables. The TM-T88III provides a 25% increase in speed. And with a Mean Cycle Between Failure (MCBF) of 52 million lines, the TM-T88III delivers outstanding reliability.Its useful in for sports betting and baba-Ijebu centres nationwide. Ideal for supermarkets and medicine stores.